An Exciting Beginning for Emma G. Rose’s Newly Released Book, Nothing’s Ever Lost

There are moments that all writers look towards. One of these is when your book is finally out and your message released to the world.

I was lucky enough to witness author Emma G. Rose experience this at the release event of Nothing’s Ever Lost, her debut novel.

Jack and Anna are dead. Not romantic vampire dead. Not even night-of-the-living dead, but really dead.

At least Jack is. Anna might just be having a near-death experience. It’s surprisingly hard to tell. Either way, they’re on a path through the afterlife; where Death wears a polo shirt, factories manufacture broken things, and forests try to trap you. To make it through, they have to stick together.

But sticking together would be a lot easier if they weren’t both keeping secrets. Anna is awesome at pretending everything is fine…until she isn’t. Meanwhile, Jack is afraid he’s gone crazy and this whole adventure is part of his delusion.

Somehow, they’re going to have to trust each other if they want to make it through to the other side — wherever that is.

It was an incredible evening. Her uncle cried, also her aunt. And though in theory, Nothing’s Ever Lost is YA,  children and adults were interested as well. There was a contagious feeling of excitement in the room and it was impossible not to become invested in this book.

Look at the amazing nail art Nova from A Fangirl’s Insights did to match the cover!


Emma Rose began the night by signing copies, as seen above, and then read a passage from the middle of the book (which was spoiler free thank goodness). People were then given the chance to ask questions and we again learned insightful tips and information. Look here for my previous post: Getting Writing Done and Other Tips, from Author Emma G. Rose

As expected, there were questions about her process and what she does on those days when the words just aren’t coming. Emma Rose’s answers were practical. She comes up with an idea, and tries to write every day. When she’s unsure of what to write about, she writes over and over “I don’t know what to write,” and such. In her words, “You’re going to get tired of that pretty soon, and then you’re going to start writing.” Using this process, she’s able to create a draft of her book. She then goes over individual chapters, sometimes in order, sometimes not. Her approach is simple, and yet, as we can see, it has led her to success.

We also learned about the book’s inspiration and how that translates into what she wants to take away. One of Emma Rose’s family members died by suicide at seventeen. Nothing’s Ever lost was her way of dealing with this. She poured all of her emotions into this book and created her own version of the afterlife, so that it felt like this person was just somewhere else for a while, never gone. Therefore, Emma Rose hopes that after reading this book, people will be less afraid of death, and will also know that there are others out there feeling the way they do.

I was at the launch with Nova and another book nerd, and while we waited for a raffle to occur, we read the first chapter. It included an incredibly relatable protagonist, Anna, and an ominous amount of foreshadowing. Though I’ve only met Emma Rose twice, her personality could be felt through the words of her book.

I won a bag of goodies! All of the items are references from the book, and I’m so excited to discover them as I read. Also the bag is one of only two in existence, yes I’m bragging but can you blame me? I don’t win things very often, but my luck came at the best possible moment.

Didn’t think to take a picture at the event, so here’s one from home. Pure evidence as to why I’m not a bookstagrammer.

A writer writes because they have a message to share, and Emma Rose’s is especially important. Everyone dies, and yet there are very few books with death as the subject rather than a way of furthering the plot. I haven’t had time to read much yet, but I have a feeling that this going to change everything about the way I see death.

So whatever you’re doing with your life, you need to stop for a while and read Nothing’s Ever Lost.


One week till the end of Camp NaNoWriMo (and Harry Potter’s birthday)! How are the words coming?


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